Submitted by Kip on Sun, 04/01/2012

While a growing number of businesses today are starting to use social media in marketing their business, there is always a risk of putting execution before strategy. This is a real danger with social media because too many businesses realize too late that once you begin a social media initiative (such as a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account or YouTube channel), you’ve got to refresh it with new content on a regular basis as well as monitor it for comments and spam. Otherwise, you would have been better off not doing anything.

Submitted by scgadmin123 on Fri, 02/18/2011

It’s fair to assume strategic planning for most business leaders is similar to planning to go to the dentist (i.e. they know it’s important to do it but they are worried how much it’s going to hurt).

The term “strategic” is a power word often used to intimidate others –that’s a real shame. Making sound strategic plans and executing them is something we’re all capable of doing if we put the appropriate amount of time and focus against doing it right.

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