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Crafting Persuasion

  • Crafting Persuasion Book Cover
  • Every leader realizes the importance of an effective communication strategy. But, how do you consistently succeed in telling the story of your brand or organization? It takes a model and a guidebook written by three authors who have spent decades learning the art and science of creating powerful stories for some of the world's best marketing organizations. Crafting Persuasion describes the ABCDE model (audience, behavior, content, delivery and evaluation) in a step by step guide that is as important to storytelling as the 4 P's are to marketing. It is a model that works in any setting. Whether you are an engineer running a start-up or an NGO trying to sway public opinion or a CEO evaluating a marketing plan or a government officer charged with communicating a critical message or policy, this book is for you. The strategic principles of Crafting Persuasion have been taught over the past decade at the U.S. State Department and other leading organizations. It is designed for those who have the responsibility to persuade an audience, but never had any formal training on how to do this. It is filled with real world examples from the business and non-profit worlds, along with an enlightening companion website (www.craftingpersuasion.com).So, regardless of your communication challenge, Crafting Persuasion will show you how to create a communication strategy to win over audiences and reach your personal and professional goals.
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