About KnightVision Marketing

KnightVision works closely with CEOs and marketing teams as an innovative business partner and “coach” to build their business through insightful marketing guidance and training.

Our Services

Here are some of the proven, profitable ways KnightVision can help build your business:

Marketing Strategy Development and Integrated Marketing

  • Develop competitive, sustainable marketing positioning and strategies that can be successfully implemented by the organization
  • Develop effective integrated marketing campaigns that leverage a variety of marketing channels, including paid search, direct marketing, social networks, television advertising, PR, etc.
  • Set up systems to evaluate how these marketing programs perform over time

International Marketing

  • Launch new products and services in markets across the globe (Kip has business experience in over 65 countries)
  • Roll out successful US concepts to international markets
  • Create “playbooks” that package and transfer best practice knowledge from established markets to drive successful concept rollouts in new markets

Marketing Planning and Training

  • Craft, execute and measure the impact of marketing strategies and plans that leverage new marketing communication channels including social media, online communities, branded websites, etc.
  • Design and deliver tailored marketing training to help management and marketing teams stay current on best practices and apply what’s working (and avoid what’s not)

New Product Development and Marketing

  • Create and manage new products for major foodservice brands through a variety of distribution channels and markets
  • Create new product and service concepts to grow sales and profits that are ready to be developed, tested and rolled out
  • Create franchisee business models and teach the organization how to work effectively work with franchisees