"More sweat on the training field, less blood on the battlefield"

Peter Hearl, former President of Pizza Hut North America and YUM Chief Operating Officer

Peter’s from Australia and a huge rugby fan. He had this mantra carved in stone and kept it on his desk for all to see. Peter believed in the importance of preparation and from what I saw of his business results, he was spot on with this mantra.

About Kip's Business Mantras

I've been incredibly lucky to have worked with some of the best business leaders in the world. I've tried to apply what they taught me to my own consulting business. The following are some of my favorite "business mantras" I've learned from working with these fantastic people over the years. To note, I define "mantra" the same as Wikipedia: a sound, syllable, word or group of words capable of creating transformation, which in this case I mean significant business transformation.