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Ten Guiding Principles For Building Your Business Using Social Media

While a growing number of businesses today are starting to use social media in marketing their business, there is always a risk of putting execution before strategy. This is a real danger with social media because too many businesses realize too late that once you begin a social media initiative (such as a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account or YouTube channel), you’ve got to refresh it with new content on a regular basis as well as monitor it for comments and spam. Otherwise, you would have been better off not doing anything.

Seven Consumer Trends Impacting The Consumer Electronics Business

When you live in Silicon Valley like I do, you can’t help but be amazed how quickly what you hear as a rumor turns into a consumer reality for sale at your local retailer or online. This is especially true for consumer electronics that are currently undergoing an unprecedented explosion of innovation and change. I wanted to reflect on seven consumer trends I believe will drive continued growth and change in this multi-billion dollar category:

A Simple And Impactful Way To Think About Different Types of Media

I create and teach customized marketing seminars for a wide variety of businesses that cover diverse topics ranging from marketing strategy, social media and all things digital. Given the rapid changes taking place in the marketing world today, I sometimes have a tough time keeping up with what’s happening and what merits being included in my latest seminars.

On Social Media Strategy and Mobile Marketing

YouTubeI had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mary T. Morgan during the recent P&G Alumni Reunion held in Toronto, Canada. Mary and I worked in Brand Management together at P&G.

The One Thing A Marketer Has To Do Today (And Every Day)

With all of the continuing hype surrounding social media and digital marketing, there is a strong temptation to try to tune it all out and focus on building your business instead. But that would be a big mistake for you as well as your company’s future growth.

Why? Simply this: consumers have an unprecedented ability to learn more about your business than ever before as well as sharing their opinions and perspective (both favorable and negative) with the entire world. And they can do this with the simple hit of a “send” button.

How I Got Over 3.3 Million Views From One YouTube Video (And What I Learned)

Sometimes things don't go like you planned....and sometimes that's a pleasant surprise. About four years ago, I was still working at eBay. I had about 30 people on my team in marketing and every quarter we would schedule some type of team building event.

We had a lot of great team events, including the usual team building activities a lot of companies engage in (i.e. bowling, offsites) as well as what you'd expect a California company to do as well (i.e. wine tour, Segway tour) but frankly we'd run out of activities that we could get very excited about.

The Best Or Worst Of Times For VC's Who Fund Social Media Start-Ups?

I’ve been working with Thomvest Ventures (a VC fund based in Silicon Valley) for about a year as a Venture Partner and it’s been a very enlightening experience. After working in the corporate world as a marketer for almost 30 years, it was “back to school” time for me to fully understand and appreciate the role the critical role VC’s play in funding social media and other start-ups.

Tale of Two Brands: Virgin Atlantic versus Virgin Mobile

I love Virgin Atlantic.

One of the reasons I do is I believe they really, really do care about their customers. As proof of this, one time back in 1994 I had a problem with one of their flights and wrote a note to Richard Branson to make him aware of it (this was back in the days in which you still wrote letters that went through the post office).

The Pardoxes of SXSW 2011

 I just got back from my first ever SXSW event. They are celebrating their 25th year as a Music Festival and 15th year as an Interactive Gathering (the “Davos of Digital”).

Fun Facts To Know and Tell About Social Media: 2011

As we enter the new year, I wanted to share some "fun facts to know and tell" as well as some personal observations on how social media is impacting marketing and businesses:

Social media and mobile devices have become a common way that people engage with each other and with brands; brand marketers need to be proactive about leveraging this accelerating trend